Why Taweez doesn’t work?

Yes in some cases; taweez, taviz, tawezat doesn’t work, For instance if anyone does taweez on someone and that person use to recite Quran daily and say five time prayers and recite four surah Qul daily, there is no way that  taweez can affect him/her any way.

For the reference, sometime if someone does taweez on anyone for any bad intension and that taweez don’t work for any reason,

it will do a reverse effect on that person who did it and can cause him/her serious illness.

One of the major reasons of taweez not working is that peoples are using different taweez from different peoples for same problem at a same time. Peoples thinks that this way they can solve their problems quickly and in better way but what they don’t know is that consulting two peoples or taking help and taaveez from two peoples at a same time for any purpose cause more problems instead solving them and in some cases the situation even get worse or even unsolvable.

Like we all know that we can’t use two different perceptions from two different doctors at same time, if we do then two different kind of medicines can react each other and causes more pain and suffering.

Secondly peoples don’t follow the proper procedure of how to do and what to do with taweez, thirdly people usually lie about their problems, hide things or doesn’t  want to tell complete truth about their problems when they are getting taweez. Also peoples usually get the taweez by telling something else but they try to use it for wrong intentions or wrong purpose.

The key factor that why taweez don’t work is believe, if you don’t believe in taweez or have doubts in mind that may be it work or not, it won’t work anyway or it will work but won’t give the expected result.

Usually peoples says that taweez is shirk and they don’t believe it but they do use taweez and after that the tawiz not work. We don’t give proof anything from Quran or Hidayat because it’s controversial that it’s shirk or not but we can explain it logically that if someone says that taweez help him/her to solve problems then he/she commit shirk but if he/she says that taweez helps to solve their problem or achieve the goal by the grace and help of Allah then it’s not a shirk. Allah gives us the choice to do things by different means and different ways and it depends on us to choice between right and wrong and if someone chooses taweez to help and to do right things of fulfill his/her wishes and by doing so no harms comes to anyone than there is no point in it of doing shirk.

“May Allah help us benefit from the knowledge we learn and help us to help other.”


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  • Abdullahi Ibrahim:

    I can read arabic very i can even write it as well, all i just need post me a Taweez that will suit my problem of wealyh or financial incapability.



    azynees ,not going college, namaz ,failed in 1st year b-tech ,sleeping 16 hours, not eating well, not following parents advice.

    i’m try to leave my bad habits but unsucessfull please for the sake of allah send the required thing please im in trouble

    assalm alaykum sahab i m suffering from insomina (sleep)

    i want to become engineer itook seat but i failed in 1st year

    my interest gone

    my dream to become engineer & hafez-e-quran

    i thougth after completing 1st year i will join madarsa for course but unlucky i failed in my all exam except 1 exam please me dua for me give wazif for the sake of allah assalm alaykum sahab


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