Wazifa, How to do it?

When a person does a wazifa for any need or any particular reason, he/she must follow the instructions of doing wazefa. Otherwise it’s no use of doing it. Wazeefa is like making a request to Allah for any worldly needs or seeking the love and blessing of Allah, so one must obey the rules unconditionally and must do it as it is instructed to do so.

If a wazifa is taken from a book and someone is doing it without permission than it doesn’t matter how to do it, it’s very hard to get the desired end result but on the other hand if a person gets a wazefa from a person with permission and instructions to do for a particular need than one must obey the rules and follow the instruction properly to get the result.

There are two ways to do wazifa which utterly depends upon the instruction of doing it, either one can do it daily or once in a week on any specific day. If a person wants to do a wazifa daily than it must be regular and must not miss a single day. If a person miss a single day than he/she will have to start it from the beginning.

Some wazifa have some restrictions while doing it, restrictions like;  eating some particular things like forbidden to eat meat , from going to some specific places such as graveyard,  using someone else things and also to use separate plate for eating food and using separate glass for drinking water etc.

If someone starts wazifa for any need that he/she must gives “Sadqa” before starting it otherwise the power of wazifa can do the reverse effect on the person who is doing it.

The basic factor of doing wazifa is `Intention (Niyat) for the Purpose”. One must do the “Niyat” before starting the wazifa for the purpose. While doing wazifa different thoughts come in mind so one must focus on the purpose of doing wazifa but don’t try too hard otherwise the concentration on wazifa will lost and with the time the person get use to it.

Some basic instruction of doing wazifa are;

  • Never share with anyone about doing wazifa and its purpose.
  • Make sure the place where you do wazefa is clean and “Paak” and must do Wazoo.
  • Time and Place is also very important factor in doing wazeefa. The time will remain the same e.g if a person is doing it after Namaz-e-Fajar then he/she must follow it on the upcoming days on same time. About place means that if a person is doing it in his/her own room then he/she must have to complete in same room till end.
  • Another key factor for Wazifa to work is Believe. One must have to believe that it will work by the grace of Allah.
  • “Daroud shreef” has to be reciting before starting and after finishing the wazifa minimum 3 times, 5 or 7 times. Same like if a person do Du’a after wazifa, he/she has to recite “Daroud Sharif” before & after Du’A three times minimum.
  • In Du’A just beg to Allah for forgiveness and ask for help to make your wish come true.
  • One must pray five times daily and avoid doing sin.
  • Women have some particular days, stop wazifa in as one can’t pray in those days and start the wazifa after those days pass. (Those days are not counted in wazifa total time period)

May Allah always help us all.


3 Responses to “Wazifa, How to do it?”

  • Aasif J Sheikh:

    Assalamo Alaikum Wa Rahematullahe Wa Barkatahu…

    I am very happy to find this website. I read the above topic very carefully and it was in my mind that every wazaaif required permission, I seek your permission to do the wazeefa for my JOB. I am need of Good Job in a good reputed business house and wealth progression.

    I do strongly believe that ALLAH will give me everything in future like I got the lot ” Nemate” in my past.

    Please suggest me simple wazeefa for my need.


  • myhammad younis:

    salaam elekum plz aap mujysurah ikhlas ka wazeefa arsaal krain or surah kafroon or surah falq plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • Zara Rahman:

    I have already written to you regarding taweez, but i also want to do wazifa and i need permission from someone holy. Can you help me.

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