Taweez, Love and Marriage

Love, an emotion, an affection something you cannot physically touch or see. It’s something to be felt.
Love is something pure like a new born baby’s first smile.

In case of a person; it’s someone you trust more than your life, with whom you can talk to as if you were talking to yourself; without hesitance, someone whose one smile can make your day and no matter what happens you believe it when they tell you that everything will be okay, the sound of whose voice can make all your worries vanish into thin air, just like that….

Marriage is next step of love. Marriage, a life time bond with a person with whom you can share anything, your thoughts, your feelings, your joy and sorrow, your good and worse moments, your own self even your soul. That’s why life partner is called soul mate.

Sometimes it is very different to marry the person whom you love. There could be different reason behind such as.
Your parents want you to marry in the family or in other word the parents are strictly against love marriage. The inter family marriages are some time based on mere compromise because these marriages are outcome of forced marriages. The family members also create various hurdles in love marriage.

Some taweez can help in providing solutions for such problems. For instance Taweez for love  and taweez for  marriage can help to achieve the ultimate wish of yours to marry your loved one.  Taweez for love can remove the hurdles which are created by the family members in love marriages.  If you are in such position where your parents are not listening to you, or the girl’s family is not agreed for you two to get married.
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83 Responses to “Taweez, Love and Marriage”

  • AR:

    main eek ladkay se bht pyaar kartin hon aur woo bhi mujhsy bht pyaar kerte hain,abhi woo log rishty ki baat kerne nai aayay,main sirf itna chahtin hoon k yeh rishtay main rukawat nai aayay,sab kuch khushi se hojayay , parents maan jayain donu ke,aur jaldi engagement ya nikah hojayay.

  • Javed:

    I have recently split up from someone whom l lover dearly, please could you give me taweez to get her back?

  • Willie:

    I and also my mate were in conflict concerning an issue similar to this! Now I know which i was right. ; )! Many thanks for the information you post.

  • sajid ali choudhry:

    i love one girl and i think she no love me i send her sms and she no reply me i love her so much and i want in my life him u have some thing u send me or u can help me ?
    if u can do plz help me

  • Zara Rahman:

    I have been in love with someone for over 2 years now. I was married before and have a child as well. The person that I am in love with loves me and my son as well. But recently we have been having alot of arguments due to my temper. I have worked on myself now and Alhamdulillah I am doing better now. Due to my temper he no longer wants to marry me because he is scared it will effect our marriage. His mother is completely against our marriage from day 1 due to me being married before and the person i was married to before they know them and my ex in laws have said many false accusations against me. With all that said the person i love now tells me he doesnt want to marry me and hurt his mother. He will only marry me if his mother agrees, which he says she never will agree. He is a great person and i have learned from my mistakes. Please give me a solution of how to change his mothers mind. Jaza kallah

  • shahid:

    meri omer 27 saal he meri wife ne meri dolat ki khatir mujh se shadi ki or mujh oer taveez karwa karwa kar mujhee bemar kia hoa he jab se shadi hoi he bistar per para hoos k bawajood me ne ose zindagi ki har aasaish di lekin wo mujhe aahista aahista maar rahi haior zindagi tang kar rakhi hai mera bohot pesa bhi khoamkha zaya or barbaad kia ha me is daldal or qeed se nikalna chahta ho or aik mukhlis sathi ki talash hai jo mera sath dee

  • zahida:

    Dear saheb

    Please help me,

    I am in relation with my distant cousin, who wants to marry but cant make uphis mind, please send me a taweez which gives him true love between us & makes his definate mind for marriage soon insha allah, he is very respectful & loving. jazakallah i await your reply at the earliestMsalam

  • Sabir:

    Dear Admin,

    I am currently in a long term relationship with a girl and I love her so much and she also loves me. However, her mother is creating problems between us by saying to her that I am no good for her. We both want to get married to each other, but now her mother has been filling her mind with bad things about me, that she is very distant with me and is in doubt about our relationship herself. i have done Ishithara a few times and they have come out to be positive. I have told her about these Ishitara’s i have done and the outcome, but she seems to be more concerned with what her mother is saying. I am in deep distress as I really want to marry her. My family are getting angry now and they gave a rishta last year but have not heard anything back and so are getting against this marriage understandably. I cannot see myself with anyone besides her as my life partner. Please give me a tawwwe or wazifa which will help me change her and her mothers mind and that things work out between us. Jazakhallah.

  • sweety123:

    Dear admin,
    I am in a long term relatonship with a person i love him so much & he loves me too. but his parents & sisters are creating hurdles for ur, we both want to marry each other, bbut his mother hve rejected me for no reason without meeting me even once. due to this reaction , my mother got angry and now my mother is also against this marriage. i m in deep pain, i cant see anyone nicer then him, plz help me, give me any taweez or wazifa which jis ki barkat se Allah hamen mila de, help me for Allah’s sake :(

  • nempad:

    please please please reply ASAP
    i love a guy alot n he loves me too but his parents r not ready to get him married to someone out of family ….

  • zahid:

    mae aik larkay sa bohat pyar karte hun 9 saal sa alhamdulillah wo bhe muj sa bohat pyar karta ha but masla mere parents ka ha jo man nai rahay mere shadi k leay mae aik pathan khandan sa hun and wo aik urdu speaking me us sa bohat zyada pyar karte hun. 2 months pehlay mere parents ne mere cousin k sath mere zabardasti mangni karwa di ha mere khushi nai the lekin parents ne zabardasti ke.mere abbu ko pata chal k mae kisi aur sa pyar karte hun tau unho ne saaf inkar kar dia aur usse cousin sa shadi karnay ko kaha bohat zulm hota ha hamare maaeshray mae aik larke par.mere bhai jab mere samne aengay wo muje jaan sa marengay un ko pata chal chuka ha lekin abi tak wo muj sa door han muje ap please koi aise dua aisa wazifa batateay jis sa me is family sa aram sa nikal sakun aur apne pyar ko paa lun.plzz help me out

  • waheed:

    hi salam

  • mehwish:

    salam i.m mehwish kya ap muje koi b bata sakta h k jo hum yaha msg dete h iska reply ye kaha dete h plz muje koi b bata de jo b mera ye msg pare q k muje nhi pata h mai pehli br kr rhi hu msg…………….thanks dear

  • zarmina mahreen:

    main 1 larky ko pasand kerti hoon wo bhi mujhy bht pasand kerta hai uske gher waly sab razi hain but mere ghar waly bilkul raazi nhi ho rahy unka razi hona bht mushkil hai koi wazifa batayn k wo jald az jald maan jyn

  • moon:

    i really love a guy and he loves me alot too but his family wants him to marry his cousin.he will try talking to them but its too hard that they will agree ,please help me and tell me something to read.i am really sad

  • Muhammad Zia Ur Rehman:

    i love a girl, but girls parents want her marrige in their family, girl also love me, but she cant take stand in front of her parents. plz help me

  • bisma:

    May Allah bless you for your good efforts.
    I have this serious issue.I really purely love a guy and he doesn’t love me as far as I know. I have done various Wazaif for seeking Allah’s Help.I am Alhamdulillah Namazi and pray regularly five times and try to avoid sins as much as I can.I will surely be very thankful to you if you would give me a wazifa or anything for help.Allah Bless you.Reply soon.Allah Hafiz

  • SadWife:

    I have been married for 5 years and have a daughter. My husband doesn’t want to live with me anymore. He is even asking for divorce and wants to move out of the home. HE says he doesn’t love me anymore. What can I do to recreate his love for me?

  • sadi:

    i love a girl very much.her marriage is set by his famillyto another person.she also like me.but he afraid to say her family about me.i tried to convince her.but now she said…she can,t do anything.pls help me to get her …please

  • naaz:

    salam,me ek ladke ko bhot pyar karti hu or wo bhimujse pyar karta he hum shadi karna chate he lekin uske ghar wale man hi nahi rhe wo ladke ne bhot bar samjaya ghar pe fir b naj kehte he unlog agr apke pas koe duwa ya wazifa ho jisse uske ghar wale man jaye to plzz muje send kare,, AALAH HAFIZ

  • Sam:

    there is a girl who i used to be with and i still love her and i would do anything to get her back so please help me im wiling to do anything. thank you

  • salman:

    mein aik larki ko bht piyar karta ho wo bhi muj bht piyar karti hai mein nay rishta bhi bhaja magar unho nay na kar di.us larki nay bhat maar khai hai apnay gar walo say plz koi duwa ya wazeefa btaye ya taweez day

  • mohsin:

    meri problem yeh hai k main aik lerki ko bohat bohat pasand kerta hun our woo bhi mujhe bohat pasand kerti hai mainey apni ammi se unk gher walooun se phone pey rishte ki baat ki lakin unhooun ney mana ker diya hamari family achi hai koi khass waja nahi hai mana kerne ki main sindhhi family se belong kerta hun or wo urdu speaking hain app pleas merey liye koi wazeefa ya taweez ferhaaam kerdein main bohat dua kerta hun please relpy at my email address thanks

  • Adeel Ahmed:

    I love a girl and she is also loves me laikin kuch relatives nahin chahatai thai kai hamri shadi hoo or unhoon nain larkii wallon ko merai khilaaf ghalat ghalt batayain khaha diin aaj 4 months hoo gayai hain na hi woo aab mujh sai koi baat krti hai or na hii uss kai parents. please koi wazifa suggest karain kai Allah kai hukum sai sub sahi hoo jayai.

  • 123:

    i love a guy madly.. he also say that he love me but not ready for a committement and now a days not talking to me..i cant live without him and my health going worst day by day in his absence due to lot of crying, i only want him back.. plz tell me wazeefa which really work…so if he is loyal with me then he do a comittment and if he is not relly love me then tell me some wazeefa so hestart to love me.. i want him kisi bhi qeemat pe..Jo bhi rukawat hai hamarey darmian wo door ho jaye ab wo jo bhi ho…shayad wo sach main mujhe pasand karta ho magar uski family ya job ka masla ho.i only love him otherwise i am going to spoil my whole life..

  • nargis:


    i curently was with someone that i dearly truly loved.. the problem is that he doesnt love me no more and we been together 10 years.. and my parents know about him, i want him bak. how can i put that love bak into his heart for me. plz help

  • arahan:

    i love a girl she also love me but my parents atr nor ready for our marriage. plz give me suggestion.
    god bless u/. plz plz rply as soon as possible

  • Mohammad:

    salamon alaikom,
    i actually love a girl and she also loves me but unfurtanetly there are some people who made problem for us to marriage and she is some how have to marrie another man but she loves me and always says that to me .she crys and she is the girl that i love more than my live ,pelase give me a Wazifa for this problem that she marriage with me and i become the only man of her life forever and we surly marriage toghether!!!

  • Ashie:

    I love a boy but he does not love me, please tell me some kind of wazifa or duas to read because i really want him to love me as i do. He Was my friend but due to some misunderstandings between us, there is no friendship remained even. I really really love him sooooo much and i want him to love me also. please please please for God sake help me out.
    waiting for ur reply anxiously. thanks
    Allah Hafiz

  • mela:

    Please give me a wazifa so that i get the guy whom i was in love back.He did not want to talk to me and sms me..I really love him.I am sunnit and want a dua or wazifa according to sunnit jamaa’t

  • A Broken Heart:

    I was in relation with a guy from 2002.
    we were so close to each other that if he is around me i would know it and if i am around somewhere he woudl know that i am at the same place..

    Good understanding, strong love relation, so strong that v could die for each other.

    but last year on my birthday – i got the shock of my life.
    he eloped with a girl who was behind him from 1 year, she had visited pakistan in last week of aug 2008. and when she came back they suddenly got married.

    no one understood what happened. even he himslef does not know why he did that?

    he still loves me but coz he is married and wants to be sincere with his wife but still msgd me on my birthday and calls sometimes to talk.

    i can see the regert in his eyes, i want to know the reason why and how this had happened?

    did she do something to him?

    I dont want him back coz he is married and i cannot be so rude to spoil a girls life who is married and pregnant.

    Though she did this to me; ruined my life and our relation of 8 years.

    I am sure there is something fishy behind it all! otherwise we were just like made for each other.. but love does not mean i should get him .. love is when you are happy with your partners happiness, i am happy if he is..

  • dinesh:

    m ek ladki se bahut pyar karta hu ab usne mujhe chhod diya hai kisi aur se dosti kar li ,maine bahut manaya roya koi fayda nahi,main uske bina mar jaunga meri madat karo,khuda ke bande meri madat karo


    main ek ladki se bahut pyar karta hu,uske bina ji nahi saktausne mujhe chhodkar dusre se dosti kar li,maine sab jagah ja kar dekha koi fayda nahi,sab paise lutte hai app meri madat karo main bahut ro chuka hu uske liye manaya b lekin wo nahi aati 2 mahine se baat nahi hui,he khuda ke bande mari madat karo

  • nazia:

    main kisi say buhat piyar karti hoon or wo b but khuch dino say wo badal geya plz mujhe bataye main kya karon i want him back in my life plz help me main buhat pershan hoon

  • Arsia:

    Salaam… Main bohut mushkil mei hoo… Main ik larkey sei bohut pyaar karti hoo… Woh bhi karta hai mujhse lekin woh mujhse door ho gya aur baat nahi karta ub… Main kya karo??.. I cant live without hm… Please mujhe kuch batao karney ko… Mujhe lag ra hai merey paas kala jadoo sei beytar aur koi option nahi hai!

  • Awais Ahmad:

    ap logon se mari request hai ka tmam loog mil kar dua keen ka Allah Hum sab ko apny apny chany waly se mely amin

  • nida:

    i need love taweez mai boht pasand kerti hon larkay ko wo b kerta tha abb badal gaya hai.plz meri madad karen

  • P:


  • kazam:

    hey i lost my girlfriend and shes going to get married i reali love her plz help me

  • Meher:

    Dear Sir

    I have been in love with this person and he was also in love with me but then some-one came in between us and created misunderstandings. Sir i can not think of marrying anyone else but him. Could you please give a strong wazeefa to read so that i can create that same love again in his heart for myself and would you please also give me a taweez for marrying the same person.


  • irum:

    Asalm o Alikum
    meri sisi ki shaddi nahin ho rahi
    bohut koshishy ki hain
    rozy bhi rrakhy manat k tor pe phir bhi nahin horaha rishta
    plzz tel me wazefa

  • asim:

    main ek ladki se mohabbbat karta hu. aur mere maa baap uske liye raazi nahi. mujhe koi amal batay jisse main unhe mana sakoo.

  • zahir khan:

    dear sir
    iam zahir khan from hong kong sir i fell in love with indian hindu girl in hong kong but she not love me and sir i have try many taweez and amil on her but none give any result plz kindly let me know any ways ……thanks

  • Sufiya:

    my engagement recently broke with the person whom i loved…i want him back pls provide me with love taweez…

    JazaK Allah Khair

  • ansari:

    i need love taweez

  • zara maqsood:

    if we want to get some person in life how can we get him/her tell me the best way

  • Bushra:

    if we want to get some person in our life how we can get him/her.
    tell me the best wazaeefa.

  • fozia:

    i would like to marry this man, but he is married already.He also would like to marry me.could you please tell me somthing to read so the whole situation becomes easy.


    sir jisay mai piyaary karta hoo uski ami razi nahi hai,jiski waja say mai or woh larki behad paraishan hai kisi terha uski ami razi hojai.uski ami maan jai.kuch karay plz.khuda k liye hamari mushkil khatam karay.
    khuda k liye hamari madad karay

  • abc:

    actually i love a girl which unfortunately got married but still we both are disagree with this marriage becasue this was a forced marriage. i will be highly thankful to you if you could tell me the solution of this problem.

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