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Why Taweez doesn’t work?

Yes in some cases; taweez, taviz, tawezat doesn’t work, For instance if anyone does taweez on someone and that person use to recite Quran daily and say five time prayers and recite four surah Qul daily, there is no way that  taweez can affect him/her any way.

For the reference, sometime if someone does taweez on anyone for any bad intension and that taweez don’t work for any reason,

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Does Taweez work?

“May Allah is your protector, and He is the best of the helpers.”

Whenever we talk about taweez, the first question comes in mind is “Does taweez work?” The answer is yes, Taweez does work.

The fact about the taweez is that its not something that exists in reality but it work through imagination and do have an effect. The Taweez effect the imagination and will of an individual. In beginning the taweez impresses an influence on the victim’s mind and will power and with the time when the effect of taweez becomes powerful enough it has directly an effect on victim and the victim start making decisions under the influence of taweez.

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Taweez, Love and Marriage

Love, an emotion, an affection something you cannot physically touch or see. It’s something to be felt.
Love is something pure like a new born baby’s first smile.

In case of a person; it’s someone you trust more than your life, with whom you can talk to as if you were talking to yourself; without hesitance, someone whose one smile can make your day and no matter what happens you believe it when they tell you that everything will be okay, the sound of whose voice can make all your worries vanish into thin air, just like that….

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Loh or Taweez helps your future

Taweez, loh wazifa, Du’a or anyother spiritual way can help and solve common and rare problems of life. Life is full of problems. This is a fact of life. The best ways to handle problems is to face them instead running from them. For every problem, there is a solution and there is no problem that can’t be solved.

There is a spiritual solution of every single problem is in Quran, Ishtikhara, taweez, wazifa and with the help of Astrology and numerology science. The solution may not always be what you want it to be but it’s a solution just the same.

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What is Taveez or Taweez or Taweezat?

Most of you are familiar with the name taweezat but  are unaware of what actually taweezat are. Firstly Taveez or Tawiz is singular word meaning charm. Taweezat is plural of  taweez  and the simple meaning  of taweezat is charms or.  Most of you are aware about the use of charms and we also know that there are different types of charms similarly there are various types and kinds of taweezat. Read the rest of this entry »

Meaning & Importance
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