How can we help?

Every person in this world is suffering because of different problems, sometime we create problems for our self and sometime other people causes different harms to us, sometime circumstances are major cause of tensions in our life and the list of reason goes on.

Taweez and wazifa possess the solution of everyday problem, carrier, business, financial, love related issues, love or arrange marriage problems, family and domestic problem etc.

Problems like; you are facing tough time in your life, you are looking for job and found every door close to you, you are running a business but  no profit,  you are in love and don’t know what to do, long distance relation,  you are facing different problems in your love relation, family is against the love marriage, other marriage problems  like; there is something wrong with your marriage and you are not happy or your husband is cheating on you, don’t have healthy relation with in-laws, husband is fighting not listening , child problem etc.

If you have visited our website to find information regarding taweezat, wazifa for any specific problem you are facing in your life. Just tell us the question or share the problem you are facing, provide us with your Name, Mother Name and Date of birth. (Note: Father Name, sure name or cast are not included). If any other person is related with your problem please provide his/her information too and give us the opportunity to tell you complete detail and reasons about your problem and their possible solution.

We will try our best with the help of Allah to sort out your problems, their reasons and recommend you a best solution with the knowledge of Quran, Istikhara, Astronomical and Numerological science.

Send us your question and complete detail of problem. The personal information provided to us will be kept confidential. To send us information you can write to us on info@taweezat.com or go to “contact us” page and fill the form. We will contact you with complete detail and solution.


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  • Sarah:

    i love my a Boy, he wanted marry me and he changed very fast now abouth 2 weeks he don’t call me.
    please help me i wan’t him back and i want him to marry me.

    thanks for helb

  • Shameem Dar:

    Salaam, my health has been affected for the past 6 months, i have been referred by doctors and they suggest that i am suffering depression and i am taking medication, this doesn’t seem to be working as things are still not any better. please advice. i will appreciate any advice.
    kind regards
    allah hafiz

  • amaima:

    main jis se muhabat karti ho wo kisi or janib ja raha hai plz hlp me i will thank u

  • laila:

    i have a problem with my sons .both are teen ager,but envolive in bad company.taking drugs.i have been done alot of wazief ,taweezat and lov,but doesn’t efect any thing.plz for God sake help me.i do prayers 5 times a day recite Quran daily.do sadqa and kherat .plz help me.



  • maryam:

    i luv a guy truly…is there any possiblty that he luvs me back with all of his heart

  • Rabia:

    Assalamualikum, i love a guy who also love me a lot but he is not expressing and not calling me because he does not lives in my city, and there are few possibilities for our marriage . he is very religious and i respect him and love him for that . plz give me taweez to get my love back and to get marrige with him as arrange marraige because i want to go in this relation as sunnath and with respect with all families.i am even praying salatul hajat in tahajut. plz help me i will be very much thank ful to u.
    jazakallah khair.

  • Hila:

    I just wanted to know if it would be possible if you could let me know whether a spell was cast (and who cast it) on me and the guy I was supposed to marry. Things were alright in the beginning, but when I met his mother things started getting bad. If you can let me know I would very much appreciate it. It seems like I have the worst luck in everything day by day. I hope to hear from you.

    Jazakallah Khair.

  • Ashie:

    I love a boy but he does not love me, please tell me some kind of wazifa or duas to read because i really want him to love me as i do. He Was my friend but due to some misunderstandings between us, there is no friendship remained even. I really really love him sooooo much and i want him to love me also. please please please for God sake help me out.
    waiting for ur reply anxiously. thanks
    Allah Hafiz

  • nadia:

    salam i want to marry with my cousin i think he also like me plz tell me a WAZIFA but his parents want to marry him with other girl plz help

  • Nasreen:

    Hello, I am having bad luck problem for no reason. When ever I try looking for a job ,the day I try to apply,that same day it is not accepting any more people. My mom makes bad dua’s for me just because I am a girl. But with my brothers, she doesn’t say anything…they have girlfriends and drink. I just go to school and try to have a good job and just to be happy. Nor do my aunts wish good for me, they say it’s not like I will make it in life…this really hurts me that my mom treats me so unfair. Is there any dua for good luck because I been having none at all, it’s like people did bad dua for me and my mom doesn’t want me to ever have a job. She just wants me to get married am that’s not right and not my happiness. Please help me , I really am desperate. I am getting mentally abused.


  • Kazam:

    hi i wanted to marry my girlfriend but we argued and shes left me its been 3 months i need your help plz?

  • zainab:

    actually im having problem in my relation . im engage on january . Because one misunderstand ,i fight with my fiancee and i have return my ring .And now we are togther but now the parents of my fiance is making argument. They dont want us marry and they want that me and their son seperate but we are still in love .
    we don’t know wat to do .So that his parents agree for getting us married now .
    please i need a help .

  • sidra maqsood:

    salam,i am a girl,aur mera masla yeah ha k mre koi kam thek nai hota,my mind is stuck,i want to study further aur bhi life k har decision main problem a jati ha.i am very much depressed plz help me

  • Sayeed:

    ASAK. I would like to know if someone has done black magic on me?

  • tariq khan:

    sir i m facing somes miracles
    i have lost my weight and every thing & this contionusoly i m surffering this problem since 3years i trearted by docter his saying ur not ill
    i trerted by some molana but he did not catch my magic he say u under the case of shifli amal what is shifli amal & hw to destroyed this magic plz sir reply i will wait ur answer

  • erum:

    I want your help as i am in a great trouble i saw ur email address on net.The problem is that I was living happily with my husband.For the sake of his mother and sister’s wish my husband gave me divorce because they want him to marry another girl who is beautiful and rich.I asked many times that whats my fault every time he replied me that get lost from my life because his mother and sister dont like my face and My family is very poor. please help me if can you do some thing by taweez or something else then please help me in this matter.i cannot live without him.

  • amjad:

    salam, i wanted to marry this girl i love but her parents wanted to marry her in family, they rejected my proposal. i waste so much mony on different taveez and wazifa but no result, then one of my friend recomend this website, i lose the faith and believe that tawez are fakes but after consulting here, as like others they ask money and give gurantee but the diference between them and others is the solution (taweez and wazifa) i got from here it work and now the parents of the girl accept my proposal, don’t no how this taweez work but it work somehow. thanks to taweezat.com

  • maira shehzad:

    hi, i love a boy but his parents is so greedy that they fixed his marriage to a rich girl. so could u tell me that shal i marry to him?

  • Khalda khuser:

    I am haveing marriage problems. My husband alsways fights with me over
    his family. He is also very arrogant and rude to me. can you please help me?

  • alina maqsood:

    hi, i am realy thanks full to you that you solved my sisters marriage problem. Allah aap ko hamehsa khush rekhay. ameen

  • Asifa khatoon:

    I had a domestic problem, Im a house-wife and have 2 kids, my husband fights with me all the time, he has a girlfriend and wants to divorce me and marry her, i don’t know anyone who can help me, while searching internet i found this website, i told my problem, got a sloution from here and it worked, now my husband left that girl and came back to me, mein aap ki bhut shukar guzar hon.


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    We are not related with any other websites relating to taweez or using the name taweezat or anything else. We came to know that most of the websites are using our name and content in order to commit fraud.

    Beware of such Scam websites.

    Kind Regards,

    The Taweezat.com Team.

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