Does Taweez work?

“May Allah is your protector, and He is the best of the helpers.”

Whenever we talk about taweez, the first question comes in mind is “Does taweez work?” The answer is yes, Taweez does work.

The fact about the taweez is that its not something that exists in reality but it work through imagination and do have an effect. The Taweez effect the imagination and will of an individual. In beginning the taweez impresses an influence on the victim’s mind and will power and with the time when the effect of taweez becomes powerful enough it has directly an effect on victim and the victim start making decisions under the influence of taweez.

In other words we can say that taweez or its effect works psychologically. For example, if someone did taweez on husband and wife to separate them than the taweez first effect their minds and thoughts and they start doing and saying things against each other unintentionally but in reality they don’t know what they are doing and with time the effect of taweez becomes powerful enough and taking complete control of their thoughts and will, they start fighting and the end result will be separation or divorce.

If a person is under the influence of taweez, he or she will probably notice various changes in his/her thinking. It should be noted that no two persons in this world think the same therefore it is impossible to write about the actual psychological effect on that person. But that particular person will do notice changes in their will power and behavior.

The effectiveness of taweez is based on two things:

1. The strength of the taweez and 2. Its effectiveness on the victim

As we all know taweez is written on paper or metal, wood etc but it’s not the paper or metal that work, it’s what is written on it and for what purpose it is written for and will be used for. There are two major kind of taweez or purposes of taweez, good and the other one is for bad, the good purpose taweez are used for example to create affection, love between husband and wife, increase in wealth and business, curing disease, solving domestic problems and stopping bad habits like drink or smoking etc.

The bad taweez or in other words taweez which are made on the basis of bad intentions also called taweez-e-bad are used to create hate between two people, sometimes to arise a dispute between family members specially husband and wife or separation, for any personal gain, for revenge, destroying business or carriers etc.

Symptoms of Taweez:

There are some symptoms of taweez (good or bad) on victim of it. Different types of taweez or magic has different symptoms. Some of the symptoms are that the victim will feel sudden stroke of headache occasionally in his/her forehead and the pain travel towards back of head and sometime feels pain in whole body secondly the victim sometime see nightmares and in nightmares he/she will see Snake, Black dog or cat. In some cases the victim will see dreams in which he/she will see things which indicate that something bad will happen to him/her. Thirdly the victim feels burdens on his/her shoulder and feel tired all the time (Usually it happens with someone is under the influence of “Jinn or Saya”). Sometime victim feels struggle between mind and heart about some decisions (usually it happens when someone use taweez on victim for some personal gain). Some other symptoms are anything unnatural like Sleeplessness, unexplained illness, unknown fear and when things are going in the right direction, suddenly encounter obstacle, loss in business, problems in career etc.

It doesn’t matter what kind of taweez (good or bad) done on victim, they will have one or more above mentioned symptoms.

Usually peoples, who claim they can make taweez (for good or bad purpose), charge it.

If anyone is victim of taweez, the best way to find out is to ask someone who is familiar with these things, a person who is expert in taweez. That person can find it out by Quran, Istikhara, numerology or any other knowledge he/she have.

If you believe that you are victim of taweez  or suffering any problem in your life and looking for a solution. Feel free to share your problem with us.

May Allah help us and solve our problems.


2 Responses to “Does Taweez work?”

  • mariya:


    I am not sure what I think about taweez working or not, all i know is that I feel like me and my husband have been cursed or something is effectively against us. A few of our friends have also noticed it. The whole of last year everything that could possibly go wrong did go wrong even things that you would not expect like a simple letter posting went wrong. I really believe that there is a bad shadow on us and I just dont know what to do or think. I have prayed and prayed but things just seem to stay relentless. Even when it seems like we are taking one step forward the next day seems to be ten steps back. I cant stress enough about how many things have gone wrong from family being part of a big family to being outcast, from living in a big beautiful home to being homeless and from having decent health to being terminally ill, I feel like if this curse is not broken then it will end in a tragedy.
    I would really appreciate any help that could be provided.

    allah Hafiz

  • zubeda:

    Does Taweez work? I have lots of problem in my life is anything I get help ?

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