Types of Wazifa.

There are two major types of wazifa. One is called Jalali wazifa and other is called Jamali wazifa.

Jalali wazifa.

Jalali wazefa is the most intense type of wazifa. which can only be given by a person and can only be done with permission. If a person does it without permission he/she ends up in very serious kind of problems. This wazeefa has very strict rules and conditions to do it. A person who is very religious, his soul is pak from sins or in otherwords crystal clear, who prays five times a day, and do namaz-e-tahjud and have the permission can do this wazifa.

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Wazifa, How to do it?

When a person does a wazifa for any need or any particular reason, he/she must follow the instructions of doing wazefa. Otherwise it’s no use of doing it. Wazeefa is like making a request to Allah for any worldly needs or seeking the love and blessing of Allah, so one must obey the rules unconditionally and must do it as it is instructed to do so.

If a wazifa is taken from a book and someone is doing it without permission than it doesn’t matter how to do it, it’s very hard to get the desired end result but on the other hand if a person gets a wazefa from a person with permission and instructions to do for a particular need than one must obey the rules and follow the instruction properly to get the result.

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Wazifa, Wazeefa or Wazaif.

Wazifa is repetition of sacred words and phrases like Quranic verses or names of Allah or zikar of Allah for spiritual help or various personal and worldly needs or problems. In other words Wazifa is to read a particular Du’a in a prearranged manner constantly for a specific period of time. Basically the practice of each wazifa is for some particular reasons or needs. Different kinds of wazaif have different qualities and can do for different purposes. Wazifas can be repeated audibly or silently.

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Why Taweez doesn’t work?

Yes in some cases; taweez, taviz, tawezat doesn’t work, For instance if anyone does taweez on someone and that person use to recite Quran daily and say five time prayers and recite four surah Qul daily, there is no way that  taweez can affect him/her any way.

For the reference, sometime if someone does taweez on anyone for any bad intension and that taweez don’t work for any reason,

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Does Taweez work?

“May Allah is your protector, and He is the best of the helpers.”

Whenever we talk about taweez, the first question comes in mind is “Does taweez work?” The answer is yes, Taweez does work.

The fact about the taweez is that its not something that exists in reality but it work through imagination and do have an effect. The Taweez effect the imagination and will of an individual. In beginning the taweez impresses an influence on the victim’s mind and will power and with the time when the effect of taweez becomes powerful enough it has directly an effect on victim and the victim start making decisions under the influence of taweez.

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